about Orphan Founders

Every Orphan Deserves A Chance

Orphan Founders began with that simple idea. The belief that every orphan deserves the opportunity to thrive. We took that one step further with the idea that empowering today’s orphans to become tomorrow’s leaders would lead to powerful results.

Focused on that simple idea, we set out to understand precisely how to maximize the chances of success for each of the orphans we work with. This is how Orphan Founders came into being. As a high-growth entrepreneur, our founder, William B. Choi, understood the radical change that innovative thinking in business can bring to an individual and the world around them. What would happen if these life-changing skills were passed on to some of the world’s most underprivileged and underserved children?

Starting A Virtuous Cycle

By passing on the skills of entrepreneurship, leadership, and self-reliance, we hope to create a virtuous cycle with the power to change the world. It is our sincere belief the orphans we work with will one day be the entrepreneurs who drive innovation and find solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. To keep this cycle of empowerment and innovation going, we work with each orphan to give them the skills they will one day need to pass these same skills to future generations.

About the Founder

William B. Choi is the first to recognize how privileged he’s been to have learned the skills that make an entrepreneur successful. Orphan Founders is his way of giving back to the world and paying forward to improve the lives of others in the most impactful way possible.

You Have The Power To Make An Impact

The stated goal of Orphan Founders is to help 1 million children between the ages of 12-18 learn the skills of entrepreneurship and leadership to improve first themselves and then the world around them. This bold goal is only possible through a community effort from individuals and organizations worldwide. From our combined efforts, the lives of some of the most vulnerable can be made better, and potentially, the lives of everyone through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Meeting this goal of helping 1 million orphans requires donations of time and money from individuals and organizations globally. You’re contributions go directly to providing educational services and leadership training to orphans in desperate need. It is through you that a virtuous cycle of giving and innovation can be created to benefit current and future generations.