Meet William B. Choi

William Choi is one of the founding figures helping drive Orphan Founders forward. He brings over two decades of corporate leadership experience and is committed to giving back to the world in any way possible.

His career has spanned over twenty years, beginning as a management consultant for PwC and then as a high-growth entrepreneur helping to found companies such as BackJoy Korea and Posture AI.

You can find out more about William B. Choi, along with other endeavors he’s involved in, through his website.

It’s my goal to help 1 million orphans between 12-18 years of age to become high-growth entrepreneurs.

William Choi

Find Out More About William B. Choi

Orphan Founders is just one of the many ways that William Choi is giving back to the world. You can find out more about his current endeavors through his blog.

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